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Call for Papers – Panel Proposal for ISA 2023

Politics of the Past, Promises of the Future There is a growing scholarship in International Relations that examines the role of reconstructing memories and retelling certain narratives of the past in worldmaking. The goal of this panel is to bring together scholars who are thinking through questions probing the political manipulations of nostalgia and narratives…

Why soft power is not enough to explain scholarship investments in China-Africa relations (besides vague applications of the concept)

In a new United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Global Education Monitoring Report published this week, 16% of the total scholarships for Africans was sponsored by the Chinese government. The report states (on page 295) that “the Chinese government, through various agencies, was the single largest provider, with over 12,000 opportunities annually.”  This is congruent…

#COVID19 and China-Africa solidarity considerations

A question that sparks curiosity when thinking about the place of COVID19 in China Africa relations is what might the lingering/long-term effects of the pandemic on the perceptions of China among Africans be. After giving it some thought, these are the main points that stand out to me. CCP’s governance model and strong leadership on…

China-Africa and the South-South Human Rights Forum (SSHRF)

Beijing held the second edition of the South-South Human Rights Forum (SSHRF) in December 2019. What’s striking to most China-Africa observers is of course the similarities between this forum and what we have been observing from the many editions of FOCAC (Forum on China-Africa Cooperation). Whereas the first edition of the SSHRF mostly articulated the…

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Shaping the Future of Power is an International Relations book that analyzes China’s approach to power by examining network-building and knowledge production in human development investments in Africa.

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